Our floors are graded into three categories: Character, Select and Premier.

Grade is not an indication of quality, all three grades come from the same trees. What differentiates them from each other is their appearance, the amount and size of knots, and other natural characteristics of the wood they include.

Grading is a manual process, it involves sorting each plank by eye, into one of the grades with similar levels of character.

The Oak Atelier - Luxury floors

The fullest expression of wood with a broad range of natural characteristics, such as medium to large knots, and natural colour variation. Other prominent character marks include mineral streaks, heartwood, checks, small splits/cracks and occasional sapwood. Character selection is recommended for applications where the natural look of the wood is desired.

The boards selected for this grade display a limited range of characteristics of the wood. The selection allows for small to medium sized knots and light colour variation. Limited character marks include mineral streaks, heartwood and occasional sapwood. Select grade floors provide a balanced look, with a tasteful range of the timber’s natural details.
The Oak Atelier - Luxury floors
The Oak Atelier - Luxury floors

The boards in this selection have a clean, uniform appearance, as well as slight colour variation. There are very few knots in the Premier grade, and these knots are of the smallest size. No other character marks are included in this selection. There are no mineral streaks, no checks, no splits or cracks, no heartwood nor sapwood. This grade is recommended when a clean and modern look is required.