Oak Floors

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Oak Floors

Oak planks parquet is a stylish floor covering, complementing a cozy home atmosphere. For example, dark oak planks are able to ennoble the room, fill the atmosphere with naturalness and harmony. Even the appearance of more modern oak engineered wood flooring has not supplanted the position of parquet among other types of floor covering.

Various oak species are used for the production of parquet planks for dark oak engineered flooring. Oak is characterized by the highest wear resistance and reliability. This natural material has been used for thousands of years as one of the most universal and reliable hardwood species for light oak hardwood flooring and picturesque interior decoration. But here we need to make a small remark. The fact is that the word «oak» is a generalizing concept that unites about six hundred species of trees, commonly used for engineered oak flooring. Naturally, different types of solid oak wood flooring have their own characteristics. In many ways, the physical properties of oak depending on the place of its growth.

Oak Hardwood Floors

The following types can be found on the modern oak hardwood flooring market:

  • Boron oaks. They grow in dry and sandy forests. The wood of such oaks is characterized by high durability, so it’s widely supplementing interior design with a presence of natural harmony and everlasting reliability. The main disadvantage of this wood is insufficient elasticity. Such kind of hardwood is mostly applied for dark oak hardwood flooring;

  • Olive, lead, iron oaks. Grows near rivers. This kind light oak engineered flooring is characterized by a pale pink color, high weight, and elasticity;

  • Oaks growing in the spaces between pine forests and ales. Engineered oak floorboards, made out of this oak variety is strongly resilient, but not very durable.
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Oak Hardwood Flooring

However, the properties and durability of dark wooden flooring parquet cannot be explained only by the type of wood itself. It still depends on the processing methods. The masters who are engaged in the processing of natural oak floors have many tricks and professional secrets that allow them to somehow reveal the features of this unique natural material in a special way.


Bog oak is of the best oak varieties for producing dark oak floorboards — plants that have grew in a high humidity conditions of for a long time. These can be trees trapped in a river or swamp under the influence of the elements or specially placed by a person in a humid environment. Note, oak wood gets stronger over time.

A feature of dark oak hardwood is the property not to rot, but to gain strength under the influence of moisture. During the soaking process, the oak wood flooring darkens and becomes even more attractive. The dark violet color with a pleasant silky sheen has high decorative qualities.

Solid Oak Flooring Advantages

Traditionally, for centuries, oak hardwood floors have been popular and in a high demand because of lovely inner interior complement in a form of natural warmth aspect.

  • Despite the fact that light oak flooring has appeared on the modern market, which many consumers prefer to purchase, oak floorboards surpass it in quality.
  • The service life of this wood product is 2 times longer than that of similar products made with the use of artificial materials. With proper care, even the most light oak floorboards will serve for almost 50 years. After a long time, the light oak hardwood surface of the floor covering will not lose its original color or fade due to its high wear resistance;
  • The main way to protect the light wooden flooring is the use of wax oil or a special varnish — they are able to form a waterproof film that protects the floorboards from decay. For the manufacture of each unit of the product, a solid piece of wood is required, therefore the finished product has a surface that is unique in its appearance;
  • Solid oak floors cannot be damaged by sharp heels or heavy furniture, they do not deform or dry out. Oak wood planks doesn’t rot, mold, and insect damage. This dark oak flooring is demanding and pretentious in the use of protective compounds and processing:
  • You cannot use synthetic and alcohol varnishes to cover oak products;
  • Oils for oak furniture, boards are contraindicated: they leave ugly stains;
  • It is not recommended to drive in nails and screw in self-tapping screws without pre-drilling holes;
  • Don’t use paint, even water-based: it will hide the original natural pattern.


oak hardwood flooring