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Luxury Wood Floors

The Oak Atelier is an online showroom specializing at efficient luxury floors installation. We are honored to be trusted by many families by delivering perfect results. Positive feedback from a satisfied customer is very important for us. Therefore, we value quality, long-serving products and, of course, your precious time.


It is not an easy and extremely important decision to design one’s house interior. We are happy to make your dreams come true. The professionally trained staff will assist you in all stages of the process of purchasing the luxury wood floors. Beginning from helping you to choose the most suitable and appealing hardwood, our employees will make sure that not even one detail is missed. Years of experience and practice make our crew ultimate professionals at floor installation. The Oak Atelier lets the clients fantasy run wild.


The Oak Atelier offers a wide range of finest floors. The crew takes into account any desire or wish, later coming up with the perfect interior wood design for each room. It does not matter either you live in an apartment or a house, our woods will fit in both cases. It is also important to know how certain elements of the home interior will fit together with the chosen floor. Our designers and architects worked hard throughout a couple of years to manufacture a great variety of colors for decorative wood. We only use new modern machines and technologies on production; always looking for new effective ways to improve our approach and manufacturing.

What Do We Value?

Our staff puts a great effort into providing the favorable service and an expected result. Years of hard work and research thought us how to save customer’s time and find a perfect solution when choosing the decorative wood. We also train our employees to be ready to deals with any possible problem. Our team consists of wise open-minded people who turn impossible into possible.


The quality. We use the finest wood that not only looks appealing but also lasts longer. Mastering our skills in sustainable hardwood production we are always protective of the forests and, of course, the workers at the manufacturing. We bring touches of nature to your home, therefore it’s safety is very important to us. The Oak Atelier guarantees that the house will turn into your little castle and will fascinate anyone coming inside. 


The final result is the most important part of all processes. We attentively check every detail in the process of making luxury floors right until the end. We also consult you about how to take the proper care of the floor after installation. If being protective and caring, the wooden floor can last more than 50 years, sometimes even 100.

Luxury Wood Floors
Luxury Wood Floors

Hardwood Floors

The Oak Atelier manufactures the best hardwood floors on the British market using most recent techniques and high-quality wood material. We as well make sure that the production is sustainable and the working places are safe. Protection of our employees is equally important to the quality of exotic wood floors. Anyone can pick the interior wood design coming with a wide range of colors and hardwood. Every tree is just like us – unique, therefore we ensure that it gets careful care and individually fits your place.


Our crew that consists of trained professionals who have years of experience behind their backs to lean on and will make sure all your wishes are fulfilled and will be more than happy to assist you with any question possible. The trust of our clients is earned after years of positive feedbacks. Mastership on picking the right wood and being able to fit it in any home is what we are sincerely proud of. If one can call it art, then we are the Da Vinci of wood flooring companies.